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PostSubject: BGM   Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:46 pm

ok i need some one to make a final Gunz bgm the songs are
( ill add a folder with all the song at the bottom so you dont have to look)
Char Creation - All that Remians The Calling
lobby- Reianna ( or how ever u spell it) plase dont stop the music

In games - Dj Onur vs.Sean Paul Ft..Rihanna - Break It Off(Remix Dance Hall 2006)
Soilder Boy - Crank that
Dj Zany - Sky High (Technoboy 2005 Remake)
Dance Club Remixes -- Zombie Nation vs. Blade Techno vs Goa, Psychedelic, Trance, Ambient - Sandstorm vs blow your mind ( clasic song )
Fall Out Boys-Love Will Tear Us Apart

heres the link to the songs;9097

End game /Results All That Remains - For Salvation


I dont want Staff members whitout skills!
I dont want Staff members who didnt do anything for the shit!
I dont want Staff members who are just abusing their powers!
I dont want Staff members for fun,, WE NEED STAFF WHIT SKILLS!

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